Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dad's Famous Bagelwiches

No, we don't have children yet. No, this isn't a public announcement that we're pregnant. These are just some delicious breakfast sandwiches that my husband proudly developed, and we've always said how much fun it will be when we have children to have "Dad's Famous Bagelwiches" on Saturday mornings with our coffee and cartoons. I loved waking up to breakfast on Saturday mornings--especially when my mom had made some delicious cinnamon roll or other frosted treat. I even enjoyed having bowls of cereal because I liked to line up the boxes in front of me and play all the games on the back. I especially loved a good breakfast burrito with chorizo and eggs or a hearty omelette stuffed with cheese and ham. Man, I miss living at home with Mom to cook for me all the time! At any rate, I do look forward to creating those kinds of delicious memories for our own children...someday, just not today! Please feel free to modify the following recipe in any way you'd like; I've added some of my own suggestions at the bottom!

Dad's Famous Bagelwiches
Source: Mario, my Computer Man

2 Everything bagels
4 slices of ham
2 eggs
2 slices of cheddar or American cheese
1 T butter (the real kind)

Toast the bagels to your desired done-ness. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a skillet. Crack the eggs and add each of them one-by-one to the skillet. Lightly season each with salt and pepper. Fry them according to your desired done-ness (I like over-medium, but Mario likes sunny side up). Put the fried egg on the bottom half of the bagel. Fry the slices of ham (2 in each stack) for a minute, or so, on each side in the same pan that the eggs were in. Once the ham is a bit crispy around the edges, put a slice of cheese on each stack and allow to slightly melt. Transfer the ham and cheese to the bagel, right on top of the egg. Put the top half on, cut in half, pour a glass of coffee or OJ, and enjoy!

Other serving suggestions:
-canadian bacon
-regular bacon
-swiss or Gruyere
-white cheddar
-plain bagels
-onion bagels
-add cream cheese to the bagels (I prefer this, but Computer Man always forgets it)
-top cheese with fresh spinach
-roasted red pepper
-sliced tomato

(He forgot the ham this time's still delicious without!)

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